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When you work at a computer all day, you have to zone out and enter your own little world. Here’s a quick look into what is playing when the Cup O Code team puts their headphones on when the work gets serious!

Tim (Content Creation, Design, Development): When you see Tim sporting his Beats™ you know he’s in work mode! You’ll likely find him listening to Halocene, Falling In Reverse, or Lauren Babic.

Nick (Sales, Retention, Things that involve lots of reading and typing): When Nick needs to escape reality and get into his world of business zen, you find him listening to Rise Against, Candlebox, Blink-182 or Frog Leap Studios!

Brandon (Web/Software Development, Google Services, Photography): When Brandon puts the headphones on, don’t expect to break him away from the keyboard anytime soon! You’ll find him listening to Cabinet, Kitchen Dwellers, Lo-Fi Beats and pretty much anything bluegrass.

*Disclaimer – we’re also lucky enough to have musician and educator Jeremy Krumbine right down the hall so we often get free concerts from him doing his thing on the guitar! Shameless plug: hit him up for guitar lessons at https://jeremykrumbinemusic.com


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