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What is Progressive Disclosure?
In a nutshell – it means only providing the information people need at the moment.

One mistake that many people make when posting to their business page is that they make their visual content in a way that provides too much information all at once.
Aside from being a better user experience for the viewer, minimal text on your visual content will also help it perform better in the world of social media. Images with too much may be throttled or not run at all when set up as ads (and yes, that’s a huge deal). Your post isn’t the same as a flyer so don’t treat it the same!

Once your image catches the eye of the viewer, then chunk out the description in the text part of the post. Make sure your first two or three lines give the most important info and then add the rest of the details below. Break up sections to make it easier to navigate longer posts.
Aside from the amount of text on images, we also suggest you set up visuals to get the best results – from the image size and format to resolution and aspect ratio. A few extra steps can make or break your results.

So start working this mindset into your daily posting and if you do it right, you’ll see those results in no time!

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