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The world of Facebook is a fascinating place from a marketing perspective. When we aren’t working our magic to get our customer’s content seen by their target audience, we’re browsing Fb looking for businesses who could use our help on their own pages.

Here are the 3 biggest things that let us know your business FB page is far from reaching it’s full potential:

1- Hashtags on Facebook – When we see you using hashtags on your Fb posts (especially ones that are actually counterproductive based on the niche it dumps you in) we know you need our help! Oftentimes people use hashtags because they read somewhere they help people find you but they really have no idea how hashtags actually work or if/how the people in their location use hashtags. So if we see you using hashtags in your Fb posts, we know you’re relying on ineffective marketing tactics and we know we can dramatically improve your online presence. Leave those hashtags to Insta and Twitter where they actually can work for you if used properly.

2 – Posting infrequently or only posting to your news feed – It seems obvious that the more you post the more you’ll be seen. Yet we still find pages that go a week or more without posting at all. Just as bad, is if you only post to your news feed. Fb offers numerous placement options beyond just posting to your main page feed. If we have never seen your business prior to searching for it, there are hundreds or thousands of others in that same boat. Running properly set up ads with a specific objective is the best way to bring awareness to your business and will offset the need to post multiple times a day (depending on your ad delivery frequency). Use the multiple placement options Fb offers and make sure your content is finding its audience – not relying on the audience to find it.

3 – Images not properly sized, formatted, or wrong aspect ratio – This happens a lot if cross-posting from Insta. Your image has the sides cut off or your image is too tall and gets cropped. Or even the text on your image gets fuzzy (“lossy” data compression – and yes, you can prevent this) or you have too much text on your image for optimal performance (Fb will actually throttle ads with too much text on them ). But if we see image aspect ratio issues, fuzzy text on images, or too much text on images, we know we can improve the look AND performance of your page.

So there it is. The top 3 things we look for when putting together proposals to help businesses based on the current state of their page. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool (and actually the key marketing tool with best ROI in our area). Make sure your Fb page is working for you in the most effective way possible!

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