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Instagram is a great place to show off your amazing photos! It’s quick and easy to snap from your phone and upload to show the world. But sometimes you need enhance your images before uploading them, and it’s super easy to enhance your photos on your computer and upload them right to Instagram. Here’s how to do it!

Using Chrome, log into your Instagram account and look for this icon in the top right corner.
Select “More Tools” and then “Developer Tools”.
Click the “Device” icon above the right arrow to enable device view (Enabling it will turn the icon blue) and then select any mobile phone option from the dropdown box above the left arrow. I chose iPhone X because it has the largest screen view or this.
Refresh your page and you will now see the mobile view you’re used to seeing on your phone.

Click the upload button, add filters, edit, and upload as normal right from your Phone!

Don’t like reading all those steps? Watch our quick clip on Youtube showing how to do this.

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