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We’ve all heard the saying “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have….

As cheesy as that sounds, that mentality sets up your mind and your outlook for success! We don’t mean wearing a suit & tie to your factory job will instantly get you promoted to CEO. You have to “live that outfit” everyday!

We often tell you about what we can do for your business as Cup O Code, but we don’t often tell the story of how we got there… In a nutshell… failure, embarrassment, and lots of sleepless nights….

This is the story of starting a tech based business in small town USA…

In a world where Facebook is king and businesses are built by utilizing the tools offered by silicon valley giants such as Facebook and Google – drive a few hours from our little epicenter of comfort and you’ll find yourself in the world of Twitter and Instagram. As a marketing company, our biggest hurdle has always been stretching a customers marketing budget as far as we could using the platforms that worked best in our area.

We (owners Nick and Tim… as well as our newest full-time dev Brandon) are not salesman… We’re all actually very awkward to talk to. But one thing we all know is how the internet works. Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Human Resources. Tim is a nerd who built circuits and only learned how to build websites 20 years ago because he was in punk bands and they couldn’t afford to have one built. Brandon honed his coding through boot camps and startup-like projects. Our little tech biz started in the cab of a laundry delivery truck and now is able to successfully build businesses through honest and effective marketing.

With Nick’s cool headed business sense, Tim being inspired by his brother’s success and guidance (former Apple designer and current Sr interactions designer at Youtube). Brandon’s ability to write code for whatever he wants the internet to do for him. Central PA now has a team that can offer THE BEST marketing and design this area (and beyond) has to offer. It’s not bragging, it’s results… When you fell asleep early watching Netflix, Tim was learning new design skills. That time you slept in after a long night, Nick was up heading to a meeting at 7am. When you went to grab a drink with a friend, Brandon was learning about the newest WP features and deprecated code so he could keep your site running. Grind 24/7 now, or slave 9-5 later… it’s your choice.

So, now you have a little insight into the mindset and work ethic of Cup O Code. Are you going to get to work or sit securely in your comfort zone? The choice is yours.

Do you have a dream, a goal, a legacy? What are you waiting for? Get to work!

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