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When you’re getting into marketing one of your biggest assets will be photos you take yourself for a client. That being said, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a thousand dollar camera. If you have a cell phone that takes clear photos the camera on it will be more than enough. I’m not saying your cell phone camera is better than that $3000 Canon you’ve been eyeing up but if you just need simple promo pictures your Samsung or iPhone will do the job.

All phones are not the same however. A Samsung Galaxy J7 or an iPhone 6s will not take the type of photos you’d want to use but a Galaxy S10 and above or an XR and above will work perfectly fine. With the different photo options you can toy around with on a phone you can get some really nice shots. Same with video. A newer cell phone will take fine videos as long as you know what you’re doing. When you a good phone with the proper editing software on your computer and you got yourself a great set up for a marketing company.

Down the line if you still want that sweet Canon camera then you should absolutely get it. Just in the beginning if you aren’t looking to spend that kind of money you don’t have to.

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