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Are you using stock images for your posts? Some industries can get away with it, others… not so much… Let’s back up a sec. If you provide a service: consulting, accounting, training… sure, go for it. Just don’t use highly overused ones, like we did for this post. (We know the classic handshake stock image is one of the most overused stock images ever, we just think it’s funny).

If you offer a product that someone buys on visual appearance… then read on, this next section is for you. Many industries offer products where the consumer sets their expectations on what they see in an ad. You might think that stock photo you found captures the way you see your service, but all you’re doing is setting a false image for the product the consumer will see when they purchase it.

Not to call anyone out but… we’re looking at you restaurants… Before you use that stock photo (or even worse, grab a pic from someplace like Pinterest to represent your product. Yeah, lots of people are on Pinterest for recipes and notice your images isn’t your actual product), just take a photo with your phone. It’s really easy.

There’s a camera built right into them these days🤓! Show people what they’ll actually be getting. You don’t have to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment to make food look good. Your customers want to see what they’ll be getting, not someone else’s photo of what you’re offering. Catch their attention with your actual product and let your service bring them back for more! If anyone has any questions about how to get the best possible pic quickly and posting it, get a hold of us. We’ll help ya out.

You can do this!

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