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A business’s online presence is more important than it has ever been before. It does not matter what social media platform you are using, from Facebook to LinkedIn, all your posts cannot just focus on selling your products/services. The person in charge of your online presence must understand, only posting about selling will end up hurting rather than helping. Even though you are getting your name out to the masses, you are not building useful relationships with your potential customers. The business can make sales this way however, you can create strong relationships with the public by being a little creative and following the 33% rule. The 33% rule is when you post three different types of content 33% of the time.

The first type of content is geared towards making people smile or laugh. this can be through memes or a heart-warming story. These posts are what keep your followers engaged for example the Father’s Day post below:

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Tim and Brandon are enjoying the day with their mini-humans, we hope you’re enjoying your day! Shout out to the dads!!! These strange little creatures are the reason we wake up and get behind the computer each day to build a business they may one day be able to call their own.

The second type of content is focused on helping and teaching. These posts are informational content that relates to your business. For instance, a blog or article that relates to your business/customers is a great thing to share or create on your own. Also, if a new feature or product is coming out, you can post about how it helps or hurts. For example:

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Cup O Code is taking an early look at what’s in store for Windows 11 … installed on a virtual machine of course. We are gonna take a look around and report back on what you can expect.

Lastly is the third type of content which is SALES! This is the one every business focuses heavily on because they are looking to grow and make money. However, if your followers are only seeing posts related to selling, they will eventually get tired of it and unfollow your page. To make sure you keep your followers engaged you must have a mix of these three types of posts.  


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