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If you’re looking for work-from-home ideas, there are many things you could do with minimal investment. Working from home offers many benefits, including less time spent traveling on the road, better productivity, and more time for self-care. With many home-based business options available, you may wonder which ones are worth your time. 

Some ideas require an investment to get started, while others require less than $20 to begin. Also, you will find ideas that are easier to pursue, as many of them require only a home office in a spare bedroom. Cup O Code shares some of the home business ideas you can implement right away. 


Generally, transcriptionists are required to possess a strong command of language. Also, you need good grammar and incredible attention to detail. On the tech side of the equation, your computer should be connected to reliable high-speed internet.

When doing transcription jobs, you’re given tasks to transcribe and edit recorded reports. You’ll listen to an audio file and write down the conversations into text documents. For this task, you need the ability to listen carefully, as the audio quality can often be difficult to understand. In medical transcription, you process voice reports and convert them into text. 

To find transcription tasks, you can use some of the top job sites like Indeed, Monster, FlexJobs, and SimplyHired. You can also set up a freelancer profile on sites like Upwork.

Online Tutoring 

You can get started with online tutoring using just a few simple steps, notes BookWidgets, and this idea does not require you to keep an inventory. First, determine your requirements to understand what you need to get started with the job. Understand which types of tech are necessary to launch the service. Often, all you’ll need is a computer and a good web-connected camera. 

Also, you could create the tutorials in digital format and share them. Understand your audience’s needs and choose the topics people want to learn about. Find the right online platform to sell the course. Some options include Skillshare and Udemy. 

To get the business off the ground, you need to follow a few important steps. These include getting funding for your project, creating the right space in your home, and getting set up with good accounting software. Choose accounting software for your business that incorporates a financial API bank account balance feature. With this API in place, you can easily see whether you have funds available to pay vendor invoices, helping to avoid costly overdraft fees.

Virtual Assistant Services 

Time Doctor explains that a virtual assistant remotely provides different services to entrepreneurs and businesses. They perform different tasks, including digital marketing, managing events, personal errands, and scheduling appointments, just to name a few. 

As a virtual assistant, you can provide many different services to businesses and entrepreneurs across an array of industries. Choose the type of tasks you want to do and specialize in that area to build out your skillset. You can specialize in areas like social media marketing and management bookkeeping, blog writing, and graphic design. 

Online Content Writing 

Another area you can explore for your at-home business is online content writing. For this category of services, you write content for websites. To get started as an online writer, you need good research skills, a good command of the language, and tools like Grammarly for grammar and plagiarism check. Create a profile on a platform like Freelancer.com and bid for writing jobs. You’re able to set your rate and choose which types of jobs you prefer to handle.

You’ll be spending plenty of time online, so be sure your internet connection and content management system you use is secure. In addition to having reliable, updated software and a solid firewall, it’s a good idea to outsource IT security to a reputable company to increase cyber security and data protection. Look for an agency that can handle threats like malware, ransomware, viruses, and data theft 24/7, and who can provide the latest patches and provide timely backups. 


There are many things you can do if you want to work from home. Among the available options include offering services as virtual assistants to entrepreneurs and businesses. Also, you can become a content writer to help websites create content for their pages.

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