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Out of all the tools and resources I’ve been shown to utilize for Cup O Code the most useful and the most fun to use has definitely been photoshop. Not only have I been able to use it to make fun of my friends, it’s the best way to make content for clients. 

Before starting here I rarely used photoshop, never had a need for it that validated paying for it. However, once I started interning it became the most important tool for me. It’s also relatively easy to use. I never realized how simple it is to touch up a photo and get rid of a few blemishes or put on some filters to make an image pop how I want it to. The pen tool is my most used tool for making graphics. Once the points are all connected there are so many options and variations I can go with to spice up a promo photo.

One of the biggest issues I thought I’d have when first learning was I felt overwhelmed with all of the different tools and options the program offers. There are quite a lot of resources to learn and even as I type this there are still parts I don’t understand that I’ll learn down the line. The toolbar may look intimidating at first but honestly after a few hours of playing around everything starts making sense. If you’re trying to start a career in marketing or anything where you may need images for that matter, I STRONGLY recommend photoshop.

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