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On March 23rd, 2021 I spent my first day with Cup O’ Code and it was a heck of an introduction. After arriving around noon with Nick I spent a good portion of the day just listening to Tim & Nick talk about what they are, what they want to teach me and the basics I’d need to learn to be a productive member of the team. I also met the web developer (Sr. or Jr. depending on who you’re asking) Brandon.
I also learned the basics of photoshop which since then has been the number one software for the work I’m doing. Shameless plug for ‘On A Roll’ which I had for lunch. Fantastic subs 10/10 would recommend. After lunch I spent the day picking the brains of and probably annoying everyone to get as much info and knowledge as I could. Looked up a bunch of the customers we have and tried to think of businesses in my area I could try to pitch Cup O’ Code to. The day ended on a high note as well when I got a text from Tim later that day that the rotten smell we smelled from a trash can was a dead skunk. That Tim knocked over and promptly vomited everywhere outside behind the building. It was at that moment I realized I made the right decision joining the team.


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