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Today, millions of seniors are part of the workforce. While some choose to stay in traditional jobs, others feel that entrepreneurship is a better fit. If you’re among them and want to launch a brick-and-mortar company, having a winning marketing strategy is essential.

Fortunately, it’s possible to generate a lot of interest for your company, even if you aren’t operating in the e-commerce space. If you need to market a brick-and-mortar business in your local community, here are some tips from Cup O Code that can help.

Steps to Successfully Market Your Business

Boost Your Marketing Skills

While some senior entrepreneurs likely worked in marketing during their careers, most didn’t. In some cases, that may leave you thinking that hiring an agency is your best bet. However, that’s an expensive approach. Plus, you may end up paying a bundle for something you can do yourself.

If your expertise lies in a different field, taking a moment to boost your marketing skills isn’t a bad idea. That way, you’ll have a solid foundation. One excellent option for developing your business acumen is earning an MBA. By signing up for an online degree, you’ll have plenty of flexibility, making it easier to balance work, life, and school. Plus, you’ll learn about strategic planning, human capital management, accounting, and marketing, giving you a solid foundation.

After that, you can dig into some market research confidently. Learn about your target audience and where they go to learn more about products or services, giving you insights about where to advertise. Find out about the positioning of competitors and how your business stands apart, giving you a differentiator to highlight. Develop a cohesive brand voice that you can use in all of your marketing efforts, too, giving your business a sense of identity.

Choose Low-Cost Tools

If you’re getting ready to launch a company, it’s tempting to invest in the best, most capable tools you can find. The issue is you may be wasting money. Often, you won’t need all of those features right from the beginning. Plus, it chews up a big chunk of your capital, and you might not be getting enough bang for your buck.

There are a surprising number of low-cost tools available. For example, you can create branded invoices with an invoice generator that will facilitate accurate record-keeping – and best of all, it’s free! Additionally, Visme and Snappa let you create social media graphics for free, as well. You can also get high-quality images for ads, posts, or your website using Pixabay or Unsplash. The Website Grader by HubSpot lets you see how your site is performing, giving you powerful insights for future improvements.

Essentially, don’t pay for a tool until you spend time exploring free or low-cost alternatives. That way, you can keep more of your money in your pocket or direct it to other expense areas, like your marketing budget.

Update (or Launch) Your Website

Even brick-and-mortar stores need a strong online presence. Most consumers begin learning about products and services online. If you don’t have a website, they might not know your company exists, leading them to spend their money elsewhere.

Whether you are updating or launching your website, you need to embrace certain best practices. Make sure that the fonts you choose are easy to read and avoid large blocks of text. Place headers strategically and use whitespace effectively, allowing you to improve readability. Add in high-quality images to draw the eye and highlight your offerings, and integrate keywords to capture more organic traffic.

Cross-Promote with Another Local Business

In some cases, the best way to tap into a new customer base is by partnering with another local brick-and-mortar store. Find a business that isn’t a direct competitor but operating in a similar space. For example, if you sell home décor, choosing to work with an apparel store with a similar quality level and audience, could be a good move. Then, arrange to cross-promote one another.

Try a Classic Coupon to Bring in New Customers

Coupons are a surprisingly effective option. They let shoppers get a deal, making it less risky to try a new business. Plus, they can generate positive word-of-mouth while introducing your store to customers that may not know you’re there.

Since you’re focusing on a local area, consider using mailers or print media to distribute your coupons in your city. Adding them to your website is also wise, as well as showcasing them on social media. That way, you’re getting the most reach, increasing the odds that the discount will generate sales.

Cup O Code is Central PA’s solution for digital marketing and websites. We offer effective and affordable marketing and website solutions so you can focus on running your business – let the marketing to us! Call 570-850-8020.

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