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In the middle of May 2021, I stood around my old job. Trying to sell phones to people who didn’t want them, hating every minute of it. Knowing that I still had another 2 weeks until I got to go to the office for Cup O Code and do what I actually wanted to do. A job that probably hated me as much as I hated it. Besides a few great co-workers and an excellent team lead, I wasn’t the biggest fan of management or the way the job was run. This isn’t a hit piece on my old job but anyone who worked in retail knows exactly what I’m saying. 

As I stood there, an argument with a customer who blamed me for something I wasn’t there to do happened. That was the final straw. I called my old job and asked for two weekdays off so I could go to the office, they said that works. Within 10 minutes I quit my job and had my old one back with the flexibility I needed.

Why am I telling you this? Simple, I took a risk in Cup O Code. A leap of faith if you will. If you’re reading this, take it as a sign. That idea you’ve been thinking about? Start it. The project you’ve been procrastinating? Go back to it. Get yourself in the situation to do what you want to do. It may take more time for me to go full-time here but I’m much further than I would be if I stuck around a job that made me extremely unhappy.

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