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I wanna see the (Password) Manager!

Written by Dan Rearden

So you’ve forgotten your password for the 12th time this month and have to click on that dreaded “Forgot My Password” link.  Then you will have to answer some arbitrary security questions that, for some reason, never apply to you or you can never remember what your answers were anyway.  Then you get a password reset email with a link to click to go to reset your password for whatever website this is.  When you enter in the new password which is the one you use for most of your accounts, it responds that you can not use a previous password.  Then the curses start flying from your mouth while you try and change one or two things so that it is a password you can remember, hopefully.  Luckily there is a solution out there and they are called Password Managers.

Out there they have several different types of password managers from ones that simply keep your passwords that you create to ones that both keep your passwords and create ones for you.  I’ll start with the former, most browsers nowadays come with a password locker.  Chrome, the number one used browser in the world, has a password locker to it.  All you need to do is to remember your Google password if you want to access it and look at your passwords.  All well and good unless your Google password is pretty much the same as all your other ones.  Here is where the second type of manager comes into play.

So now we come to the types that both create and store passwords.  These are the ones that, I will admit, I love to use.  They do have some free ones out there or ones that you can pay for and we will talk a little about both of them.  Let’s start out with my personal favorite, LastPass.  With LastPass you can actually get it for free (but only on one device).  So if you are looking to only use it on your phone then I would definitely suggest it.  If you use it not only on your phone but on your computer then it is just $3 a month which isn’t breaking the bank, and can store and create thousands of passwords.  When creating passwords you can make them as complex to as easy as you want.  You just click on the parameters you want and use the slide bar to determine the length, and you can create and store all your passwords.  The only password that you have to create yourself is the one to get into LastPass, once you create one that is unique to you that no one can figure out then you are to good and ready to start making unbreakable passwords.  Now I use LastPass as the base of this part of the article because that is what I personally use.  I will leave a link to an article from PC Mag at the bottom if there are other Password managers you would want to check out.  By all means check out others, do some research and never go blindly just picking something out of covenants.  That always ends in a bad time.

If you have read my previous article about back ups (called Back, Back, Back it up) then this is a good addition to your computer’s security.  So remember that to have a strong password means the less likely chance of you being hacked in the future.  In upcoming articles I will discuss different things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the possibility of being hacked.  Thank you, and I wanna see the (password) manager.

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