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You’ve heard the old saying “Hard work pays off”. While you can’t argue that those determined and willing to put every ounce of time and energy they have into reaching their goal are working hard, are they working on the right things?

Lets see an example

Take for example the beginning photographer, let’s name him Steven. Steven dreams of filling his Instagram feed with lots of amazing pictures taken all over the world. So Steven takes on a second or even third part time job to start buying equipment. During the little free time he has, he browses his Instagram feed looking all the amazing images, dreaming of when his own portfolio will be filled with his work. Three months later Steven can finally buy a good camera and a lens or two, but still needs the extra income to save up for the professional setup he dreams about. So a few more weeks go by and Steven has only had time to snap a few images. His Instagram page still sits nearly empty with little engagement three months later.

There may be a different path

Now let’s meet Janice. Janice also dreams of being an Instagram famous photographer. Janice knows her iPhone can take surprisingly good pictures and buys the Adobe Cloud Photography bundle for $10/month. Every day she has off she takes a road trip to find new and interesting places and starts taking her photographs. She can enhance them in her software bundle and get good results. Janice decides to open an Etsy store where she sells prints of some of her favorite photos while simultaneously building her Instagram page and growing her followers. In the same three  months time, Janice has built her Instagram page to over 1000 followers with a whole collection of her own images.

Focus on Doing

I’m not telling you this is the key to success, I’m pointing out two very different approaches to the same goal. Steven exhausted himself, working every free moment to gain the materials needed for his goal. Janice found the minimum she needed to get started and dove right in. In the beginning, Janice’s first photos may not have been the quality that would have come from equipment like Steven saved up for, but she’s building her portfolio and network while making the extra income from her prints to use for new equipment. Janice is winning her world!

Win Your World!

We’re not here to give startup advice or try to create a “one size fits all” solution to growing your business. We’re saying that if you have a dream or a goal, starting tomorrow only puts you one day behind. You will be your biggest critic, it’s ok to start out and not be the best. The key is to just start. Grow as you go. Seeing your portfolio grow will be a great motivator!

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