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For Aprils Fools Day this year, Tim has decided to show you how you can replace all the images in your Google image search with a picture of Nick.

Open up Chrome web browser and do an image search for anything you want. Enter Dev tools by clicking the “Customize and Control Google Chrome” button (The current version of Chrome shows this as three vertical dots at the top right of your browser window). Click “More Tools” and then Developer Tools”. This will bring up your dev tools window. Click the “Console” tab at the top of the window and paste in the following code and press enter. You can replace the image by entering a new images web address in place of https://cupocode.dev/img/nick.png shown in the snippet below.

var imgs = document.getElementsByTagName("img");

for(var i=0, l=imgs.length;i<l;i++){imgs[i].src = "https://cupocode.dev/img/nick.png";}

No just hit enter and enjoy!

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