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Our Designer/Developer Tim recently posted an open topic to his Facebook Page.

He writes:

“I want to use that time to answer your questions! Web development, design, photoshop, illustrator, marketing, raspberry pi, python programming…. anything! Ask me your questions and I’ll answer them”

A friend and fellow web developer from a local marketing agency asked two great questions. Important enough questions to result in writing a quick blog to properly answer them.

The first question: Why don’t more restaurants have their menus on their website / Facebook? 

Well, we’re going to put it blunt and restaurants won’t like the answer.

The reason is because they have no clue how to market their business! Now this isn’t a stab at all restaurants, so just hear us out…

Many restaurants either have outdated sites or they use a platform like Wix where they manage the site themselves. ( a third option I see semi-often is “we have someone in house that takes care of that”) So that being said, many restaurants manage their online presence themselves, and when things get busy, the website or marketing is what suffers. They post a picture of a special on their Facebook and think that’s going to grow their business. When a restaurant is busy or short staffed and manages their website in house, their priority is putting food out . Same really with any industry. So restaurants really need to let someone take charge of their online presence (website, menu, marketing, specials, etc…) so they can run their business. The takeaway is this:

Restaurants – People are hitting your site and Facebook because they want food. If they knew what they wanted, they’d just call. There’s companies ( Like us ) that will handle all this for you so you can focus on running your business. Yes, it’s an expense. But it’s also a service. Have an up to date menu available on your site AND have a pdf available to download for those people or offices that want to pin it to the board for Friday lunch! You don’t harvest your own food, don’t try to manage your own digital space!

The second question asked was: What is one thing that small businesses can start doing tomorrow for no cost to help be found online?

There’s plenty of things you can do for free to help your biz get found online.

  1. Create a profile for EVERY service you can think of. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Google Business (adding to Google maps), Apple Maps, Yelp… If you can plug your business name and address into it, sign up! Then add them to your site.
  2. Make sure your website has an up to date sitemap. You can also submit your sitemap to google to be indexed.
  3. Look over your current website. Make sure you have headers ( the big text commonly referred to as H1’s). Check your wording. Google parses over your site and reads the text content as a human would. Make sure your keywords are relevant and used throughout your site.
  4. Add an SSL. That little lock up in the address bar to show you have a secure site. This is usually a paid service, but if you’re not afraid of a little manual work, there are free options out there.
  5. Utilize social media. Share links to your content on social media. Utilize Facebooks Open Graph to customize the image and text shown when your link is shared. The amount of traffic on social media is insane! Use it to your advantage! Some free ways to promote are: Tagging places and friends in your posts, using custom OG images and text, sharing your posts to groups, and interaction on your social media platforms. The more you interact, the more you show a genuine connection and get people talking!
  6. Make sure your info is consistent across the web! Make sure phone numbers, addresses, hours, etc all are accurate everywhere your biz is listed.

Here’s two quick videos of Tim explaining some more techie info for SEO like page speed, responsive design, meta data, robots.txt, call to actions and more…:

So thank you so much for these great questions!

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