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As someone who is new to the world of social media marketing there are a surplus of new ideas and information I’ve been given on the proper and the improper way to post, shoot content and represent a company through a screen. Things like not typing up long winded posts, keeping videos under a minute for Instagram and making sure the coffee supply is stocked up. Out of all of the things I’ve learned in my short time at Cup O’ Code the most important tip has been to never assume to know my audience.

You’re probably wondering what that means exactly and that’s what I’m here to explain. When I’m working on something for a client I will always make sure to get their input on what it is they want from me and the service I’m providing for them. Going into a project without an idea of what the business owner is looking for is a quick way to anger a client, have to redo an entire job that may have taken days of work to finish and even give misinformation to customers. All of which could very well lead to losing a client and losing money. Always make sure you get in contact with the person giving you the job and pick their brain over what they’re looking for. If they hit you with a “I’m paying you take care of it” press just a little bit to try to at least get them to point you towards a general idea. Once you get that little bit of detail go ahead and let colors fly. Always add your own creative genius to the project of course. Just make sure you’re giving your paying customer the product they expect.  


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