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We recently had the opportunity to participate in Digital Thinking Leadership at Bucknell University. It’s a program where a group of incoming freshmen participate in a pre-orientation project around Design Thinking.  Students have an opportunity to engage with local businesses and brainstorm around a particular challenge within your business. When we were approached by the Bucknell Small Business Development Center about this we couldn’t pass it up.

It started with us getting to introduce our current issues with a room full of students. We present them with two issues:

  • How do we get small businesses to understand the importance of a customized marketing and website solution when there are free “cookie cutter” solutions available like Wix and Canva.
  • How do we convey the importance of marketing on the platforms which are popular among certain demographics and locations but not the current trending platform here in our area (example – Tiktok, snapchat).

After presenting our problems we left the room and students got to choose the business they’d like to work with out of the 5 businesses participating.

We spent the next hour or so eating nachos and discussing the details of our business and current issues with the student and then after they had the info they needed they were on their way to research and discuss solutions for our business.

Fast forward to our follow up. We met back up after a few days to see the presentation each group created for their business. It was at this moment I realized Cup O Code had the dream team of students!!! We were presented with a super well thought out and planned solution to start tackling the issues we tasked them with solving!

It was amazing to get the insight of these students and see their perspective on competitive marketing because after all, now that they are relocated for school they are the exact audience some of our marketing customers need to target!

The event ended with some pictures and Tim showing off his Heely skills at this fairly formal event 🤓

So in conclusion – no matter how well you think you business might be doing, find opportunities like this and take the time to hear a fresh & new perspective into how the general public views your industry.

A Thank You to Bucknell U for hosting this event.Digital Thinking Leadership for running the show.Bucknell Small Business Development Center for getting us involved. A very special Thank You to Morgan, Lissandro, Maria, Sammie, and Arjun for the time and effort you put into this!

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