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One of the harder tasks to starting a business is coming up with the perfect name. At least, it was for us here at Cup O Code. It took us what felt like forever to come up with what we thought was the perfect name. We spent hours trying to figure out the best combination of words that would be unique and easy for us to brand.

We started out with the idea of a coder drinking coffee to stay up all night, working on websites. After going through about a thousand ideas and different word combinations, we took “cup of joe” and turned it into Cup O Code. We changed the “joe” to “code” to represent the website aspect of our company. Also, changing the “of” to “O” was done for branding. We knew the space in the center of the “O” could be used for anything. We also themed all our social media packages with coffee based ideas such as Cup O Latte.

After, deciding on a name, we had to make sure it wasn’t being used anywhere else. First, we bought the domain name cupocode.com. We knew there was a good chance if the .com was available then no one else was using the name. Secondly, we check our states business register to see if the LLC was available to purchase. We also searched the internet to see if anyone was using this name in any form or if it was trademarked.

Choosing a business name can be challenging and when doing so, you want to make sure you keep in mind some important factors. It should be something unique, easy to remember, and an idea you can build a brand out of. Take your time when picking a name, but don’t overthink it.

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