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Our blog is going to be dedicated to helping people figure out how to grow their social media and utilize marketing to grow their business. Most business owners are focused on sales and when they do not see a return, they think that their marketing is not working.  

The problem with just focusing on sales, is you are not building a brand. A brand is very important to the longevity of a company. One of the ways to build a brand and accumulate sales at the same time is through the use of social media. The main focus of our articles will be about building a brand on social media through smart marketing tips. In Chapter 1 we will be discussing two tips we posted on our social media pages.

One of the main things people are not doing on social media is posting enough and on every platform. It is impossible to post too much on social media, because the algorithms in place, stop the same people from seeing the same ads or posts repeatedly. There are millions of people on social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Since, everyone’s attention is on social media, it is a great place to get your business noticed and grow a fan base. There is no excuse to not be posting, especial since it is free to post any advertisements you want and have people see it and interact with it.

However, a lot of people do have an excuse on why social media will not work for them. They say things like, my customers are not on these platforms, I can’t sell my products on these platforms, or I’m a business-to-business company and it doesn’t work. These statements are just not true anymore. People of all ages are now using these platforms. Also, businesses are using platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to look for services, as well.  In future episodes, we will go more in-depth on which platforms work best for each situation.

We went over social media being free to use and everyone’s attention is on the platforms. Why wouldn’t you be posting on them as often as you could? You should be posting multiple times a day on all the platforms. However, people hear this and think that’s a lot of time and effort to be putting into something that you can’t measure a return on. This is where building a brand comes into play. Businesses should be using social media to build a brand that will last them forever. Once, you have a brand, sales will naturally start flowing in, due to the awareness your brand brought to your product or service. The time you spend on these platforms is what is going to bring you success.

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