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In Monday’s blog “Creating a Facebook Business Page” we talked about how one of the best ways to get your business name out to the public is by signing up for as many free online websites/apps as possible. Instagram is a must have, when it comes to running a business and here is step by step instruction on how to set up an Instagram Business page. It is a little different then setting up a Facebook page, you do not need an existing Instagram profile to set one up. You will go right to the Instagram app like you are setting up a personal one.

Step 1 – Go to the Instagram app a press create new account.

Step 2 – Create Username

Step 3 – Create Password

Step 4 – Connect phone number. When connecting your phone number Instagram will send you a code to make sure you are connecting the right phone number.

Step 5 – Connect to Facebook to add your friends. Skip this step for now because we will be connect your Instagram business page to your Facebook Business Page.

Step 6 – Add Profile picture. This should be your logo (as seen in the screenshot below) or any picture that represents your business.

Step 7 – Now we are going to connect your Facebook Business Pages to your new Instagram. So, you want to get out of the Instagram app and go into the Facebook App.

Step 8 – Go to your Facebook Business page settings and click on the Instagram tab as seen below

Step 9 – Allow access to Instagram Messages in Inbox. I leave this checked as long as I want all admins of my Facebook Business Page to see the Instagram Direct Messages.

Step 10 – You will need to sign into your business account you just created not your personal Instagram.

Step 11 – Once the Instagram is connected to the Facebook it gives you the option to convert your Instagram to a business Instagram, click convert.

Step 12 – Pick which ever option best describes you page.

Step 13 – Fill out your email, phone number, and your address. You do not have to fill them all out just the once that apply to your business.

Once you complete Step 13 you have successfully created your Instagram Business Page. Now you can download the Facebook Business Suite app and you have the ability to use all the features they have to offer for both Facebook and Instagram all on one app.

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