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Facebook Business Suite has really changed how business owners manage and post on their Facebook & Instagram business pages. Business Suite has made it so much easier to keep up with getting your content out to the public. Business owners now have the ability to schedule posts for the whole week or month if they have the content to do so. Also, you can create a post to go out on Facebook & Instagram but still have different wording for each platform. We will go over the step by step process for scheduling through Business Suite:

Step 1 – From a desktop, go to your Facebook business page and click on Create Post in Business Suite or click Business Suite on the left-hand side of the page. From a Phone, you want to use the Business Suite app.

Step 2: Click on Posts & Stories on the left side menu.

Step 3: Click Create Post and the page below will pop up on a desktop. You will only see the left half of this screen when using the app on a phone.

Step 4: Choose the placement of your post. This is where you click the checkbox to post on both Instagram & Facebook or just one of them.

Step 5: Type the text you want on the post and add a photo. If you do not add a photo you will not be able to share the post to Instagram.

Step 6: Once you have the photo and text you can start editing the text for each platform. (You will go to the next screen when using your phone to complete this step.) This is important when you are talking about clicking a link or photo using arrows in your text. On Facebook, the text is on top of the photo, and on Instagram the text is on the bottom. Therefore, you would want the text for each platform to be a little different. The original text you typed in the first text box will disappear when editing in the middle text box as shown below.

Step 7: Now the post is ready to go to both platforms. You have two options to choose from, Publish now or Schedule for later. Either click the blue Publish button or the drop-down arrow to schedule the post for later. On the phone, you have different options for this right from the second page where you edit captions for each platform as well.

If you schedule posts, they will show up twice in the schedule area on Business Suite. Therefore, once you schedule the post, any edits need to be done separately. As shown below, one post for Facebook and one post for Instagram are displayed separately.

Hopefully, this was helpful to anyone trying to figure out different features they can utilize on the business suite app. Please leave any questions you may have in the comments!

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