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One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome in my time interning for Cup O’ Code is balancing interning and a full-time job. Taking two days off a week of my normal job and utilizing them to spend at the office or out shooting promo content with Tim usually leaves me with minimal off time and a bit less money than I could be making but it’s a sacrifice that has to be made. Honestly, if after coming home from my 7:30-5 job I had the option to spend a few hours at the office doing more for Cup O’ Code I’d probably do it and when given jobs to do I usually am at home editing pictures or writing blogs.
It’s affected a little bit of my life. I’m even more frugal with my money than I already am and I don’t get to spend as much time with my friends and family as I’d like to but they understand that this is “Work Mode Summer”. If spending as much time and effort at an internship as I do at my regular job means at this time next year I have a career instead of a job I can live with a little extra work. Anything beats retail and Cup O’ Code is my safe haven from it.

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