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Silence is deafening, especially when trying to get work done. I can’t speak for anyone reading this but I cannot get any work done if it wasn’t for background noise. There’s something about sitting in complete quietness that blanks out my brain of ideas. Whether it be music, a podcast, or a YouTube video it’s always much better trying to work with some sort of sound.

Personally, I like to use my work time to get caught up with various podcasts I listen to such as Deadlock or OSW Review. Working in the office also gives me plenty of being bullied by my co-workers or the excellent musician/educator Jeremy Krumbine down the hall always jamming ( He has his own website if you’re interested https://jeremykrumbinemusic.com ). Sometimes Nick even plays the ukulele….. poorly. Either way, I couldn’t remember the last time the office was completely quiet for longer than 30 seconds even if I tried.

What kind of background noise do you prefer when working? Or do you actually prefer it to be silent?


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