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Are you Secure or Unsecure?

Written by Dan Rearden

Let’s take a look at VPN’s shall we.  What is a VPN, do I need one, where do I get one, can I make one myself,  does it go well on toast with jam?  All these and more will be answered here today, except that last one, VPNs are not edible so please don’t try to eat one.  

What is a VPN?  Let’s look at what VPN stands for first and then go from there.  VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a way to create a secure connection from your internet-accessing device to a server somewhere on the internet.  I know that already sounds sketchy, some random server on the internet that I don’t even know, how is that any better?  So these special VPN servers do several things to improve your online anonymity.   Here are a couple of things that the server does for you

  • Encrypts your data to keep your private info, private
  • Provides you with a new IP address, thus potentially hiding your location 
  • Bypass’s region lock website and materials
  • For businesses it gives you a secure connection from an employees computer to the business, thus keeping eyes out of your business’s personnel files

VPNs do a lot of great things to help you out online.  Here is an exercise, go to google.com , type what is my ip address after you get a number that looks like this 123.456.789 or . Copy that address and paste it in the search box on this site (https://ip-whois-lookup.com).  How close to where you live is it, a block away, a couple of miles?  Hackers and other types of people with nefarious intentions can use this info to pinpoint your locations.  I do apologize as I am not trying to scare you but just to open your eyes to possibilities.  So with VPNs you get a new IP, your data gets encrypted, and it makes a secure connection.  Next question is where can I get one?

There are a plethora of VPN choices out there, one just needs to look and you shall find.  But I am here to help with that search. I will give you a layout of some of the most popular ones.  As I always say don’t just take my word for it research it yourself find the one that works the best for you  and your needs, now onto the sources of VPNs

These seem to be the most popular ones out there on the market and are paid for as well.  I’ve spoken to many people on these 3 companies and NordVPN tends to be the one that people go with the most and has the best secure connection without  slowing down your device.  You could spend days looking into VPNs and which ones to go with but my suggestion is look at reviews, ask around to friends and family, even ask on social media.  Once you get a base of what you want to look at then do your research.

It is possible to create your own VPN at home, I am currently in the process of doing it myself at my house so keep an eye  on my social media as I will be updating that with the progress of this experiment.  But I will link a couple of youtube videos below to help you along the way if you are curious enough to try it yourself

If you decide to go ahead and try making a VPN let me know, you can message me on my social media  accounts.  I wanna hear from you!

I hope this has enlightened you on what a VPN is and the importance of having one.  So are you Secure or Unsecure, I hope  you are able to answer this question now with confidence.

If you ever want to ask me any questions you can check out my social links below and shoot me a message or if you have a topic you think I should do an article on send me a message.





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