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Here’s the URL to visit the Cup O Code website:


Let’s break down what the different parts mean…

* http:// * stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and that basically tells the computer that we are looking to “Transfer” “Hyper Text” (a webpage) from the internet to your computer. When typing a web address into Internet Explorer you usually don’t even have to type the “http://” because the computer assumes it.

* www * stands for World Wide Web which is the body of software rules and protocols that make up what we know of as the internet. Just about every webpage you’ll ever view is a part of the world wide web.

* cupocode * is the second-level domain (SLD) is the name of your website. It helps people know they’re visiting a certain business or brand’s site.

* .com * is a an example of a “top level domain name” “.org” is primarily used by Non-profits, “.edu” is commonly used by schools and universities, “.gov” is used by the government, and the famous “.com” is primarily for commercial websites. Other examples are “.net” “.biz” “.us” Together cupocode.com could be described as the business “domain name”

While these aren’t all the elements you may see in a web address, these are the main parts involved in getting you to your online destination.

Now you know what the different parts of a web address are.🤓


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