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How long will your customers remember your post? Let’s get nerdy and dig into the science!πŸ€“

In 1866, Herman Ebbinghaus created a formula to show the degradation of memories. 𝑅=π‘’βˆ’(𝑑/𝑠)

What does this mean for you and your business? It means after you post something and rely on organic traffic, as it filters out of people’s newsfeeds over the following few days it will also filter out of their minds.

It follows what is called “The Forgetting Curve”Organic traffic is fine if you only care about short term awareness, but our ad campaigns outperform our customer’s competition long-term because we design the ad and set it up with forgetting in mind!

That post you made talking about your big deal of the month is just as important 15 days after you post it, so make sure your marketing plan has that ad designed and set up with forgetting in mind!

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